Watercolors By Jane Huggins

Fine Watercolor Art by Jane Huggins


I teach beginning to advanced students. Class size and times are determined by the availability of students and teacher.  One to six students can be easily accommodated in my studio.   The cost is $40 for two hours.  For an extra $5 you can use my materials which are all top artist grade.

After a brief introduction to paper and paint, we dive into how to control the water.  Watercolor  painting is not as hard as most people think.  After some basic instruction you will find watercolor is a very versatile and forgiving medium.  You will be taught how to make adjustments and how to remove paint.

Creativity is problem solving.  I encourage students to paint using their own style, colors and subjects they are attracted to.  I teach, layout, composition, color theory and techniques,.  You learn by painting.  Often everyone is working on something different but you will learn from each other. 

I teach you to think like an artist.  Mistakes can often turn into happy accidents. The goal is to have fun and learn new skills. You will lose the fear of making mistakes, and almost any mistake can be fixed.  The goal is to have fun and become a fearless painter.


I like to teach small classes in my studio. I can handle groups up to about 6 in the studio, but like to keep the groups smaller in that environment.

For the larger classes, I have a large space in the gallery or can arrange for much larger groups off site.

Classes are held during off gallery hours so there are no distractions.

Private Lessons

If you are familiar with watercolor painting, and just want to improve your skills or learn special techniques, I offer private lessons.

I have worked with artists from other medias who want to improve their skills in layout, colors, or other techniques which can apply to all types of art.


Workshops for larger groups can be arranged at the gallery or at an outside location

Group size, location, time, and costs are negotiated between myself and a group organizer.  I will tailor content to meet the needs of each group.