Watercolors By Jane Huggins

Fine Watercolor Art by Jane Huggins

Dancing Queen

13″h x 18″w

Watercolor Board


It’s an Octopus Morning

26″h x 19″w


Octopus Dancing

21″h x 26″w


Octopus Ever Changing

17″h x 18″w


Shark in the Coral

16″h x 20″w


Koi Fish Swirl

28″h x 21″w


Hardhead Catfish

16″h x 20″w


Speckled Crab

17″h x 20″w


Jelly Fish

30″h x 31″



20″h x 16″w


Horse Conch

16″h x 20″w



19″h x 16″


Mermaid in the Flow

28″h x 20″


Hermit Crab

12″h x 14″w