Watercolors By Jane Huggins

Fine Watercolor Art by Jane Huggins

Lily Pads in the Fountain

24″h x 30w


Morning Water Lilies

16″h x 20″w


Orchids Dancing

20″h x x25″w


Iris in the Sun

20″h x 16″w


Morning Paradise

20″h x 25″w


Orchids Avant Rouge

21″h x 27″w


Sunflowers and Blackbird

28″h x 21″w


Sunflowers and Grackle

27″h x 20″w


Heart of a Rose

30″h x 24″W


Misty Sunflower Morning

12″h x 9″w

on cancas


Orchids in the Morning

16″h x 16″w


Paradise Rising

8″h x 8″w

on canvas




17″h x 17″w