Watercolors By Jane Huggins

Fine Watercolor Art by Jane Huggins

Crimsom Sky at the Pier

20″h x 26″w


Reflections from the Sky

21″h x 28″w


Sailing into Sunset

16″h x 20″w


Sunset Sailing

16″h x 20″w



Whispering Skies

20″h x 26w


Missing our Pier

11″h x 14″w


Deck Display

18″h x 25″w


Reflection Pool, D.C.

20″h x 27″w


Morning Walk

(Hong Kong)

20″h x 23″w


Stars on Top

14″h x 16″w


Night Balloons

20″h x 23″w


Night Illusions

12″h x 16″w



One Cold Night

25″h x 18″w


Afternoon Sanctuary

24″h x 20″w




San Francisco Hill

16″h x 13″w


Stately Sycamore

28″h x 20″w


Stained Glass Sycamore

28″h x 19″w


Old Engine

28″h x 21″w


Boarding Airplane

17″h x 21″w